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When choosing a company for your renovation, what are the most important things to you?

Is it the cheapest quote?

The cheapest quote should never be the most important factor when choosing a renovator for two major reasons.

  1. Inferior job. You pay a cheap price, you will get a cheap job. As the saying goes you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
  2. Sadly in the building industry more often than not operators ‘go in’ cheap and underquote just to win the job. Then during the construction phase go back to the owners with “that wasn’t included in the quote or we didn’t allow for this”  With this scenario the cheapest quote ends up being the most expensive and frustrating!

Are you looking for someone that can start straight away?

Someone that can start straight away

This could mean the renovator is not busy hence they can start your job next week. Ask them why can they start so quickly? Ask them to see some recent work as well as work from years ago they have completed. Just like a specialist, a great renovator will normally be booked several months in advance, have years of experience, have a great reputation in the community and have a constant flow of clients from referrals.
This is why your decision should not be based on price alone but rather demonstrated value the individual and the company will bring to you.


Steven and Suzys renovation, Jansz Cr Griffith

Therefore it is imperative to choose a renovation company who has an outstanding reputation, years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Someone you like, feel comfortable with and confident they will give you great value as well as deliver a product and service above and beyond your expectations.

Here are some reasons why we believe you will have the best renovation experience with Vogue Bathrooms

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